Monday, November 9, 2009

transylvania stage race preparations

Yes , this was a better option than green cross #3. look at those smiles
kuhn making those rocks his you know what

check out the scenery on this one

some campground scenery

one of the lodges

some cabins

This is the camp where most of stages will start from. awesome accomidations . very cool scene

This past weekend kuhndog and i headed up to state college to get a feel on some logistics for the stage race next year that is over memorial day week.( see link on side of blog) We met up with sue from who got a good feel for what we are going to pull off for the stage race and why a race like this is needed in the northeast. We took a tour of the camp ground which will have everything from camping to daycare. there are cabins or tenting plots, rv spots(maybe with a hookup)a pool, playground, helicopter pad, a lake, dining hall, showers , first aid station,and we are even trying to pull off a communication station with wifi. yes it will be bada$$. As for the riding. well, we got a loop together already for the time trial and i believe it will not disappoint . It has a nice mix of singletrack and gravel road and nothing is too difficult. On sunday sue, kuhn, and i did another 3hr loop along a ridge (pictured somewhere here) which was amazing. Had killer flow and the options for a fun lines were endless. most of the trails we did on sunday will be part of one of the other stages. i'm giddy already

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