Sunday, November 15, 2009

best ride ever

Today Nancy and took advantage of the warm weather and did a really sweet ride from her parents place in Lewisburg. I tried to piece together some of the best scenic stuff I remember riding in the area when I was in college. I think I did a decent job missing most of the busy spots but still giving a nice tour of the area.
I am trying to figure out the best and most helpful way of sharing turn by turn riding routes. I a not crazy about MapMyRide but maybe it is the best option. Other suggestions?
Anyway, the ride was great. Hit some really nice country's a nice rustic (crumbling) barn.
We hit two covered bridges and also a pretty sweet section known as Twin Churches for obvious reasons.
Hope everyone got in a good ride (or whatever it is that you are into) today.
Mike F. just tipped me off to a sweet site call BikeRouteToaster. Here is a link to the course:


Mike said...

its like mapmyride but without the non stop ads.

midnightpeddler said...

Thanks Mike! That site is far better than mmr.