Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back On

As some may know, I busted my wrist about 6 weeks ago at the final race in the Michaux series. It was a bummer since all I had to do was finish and I would have placed 2nd in the series, which would have been monumental for me since I never even had been able to finish all three long races in a season. Anyway, got a sweet titanium plate installed on the radius to ensure quick and proper healing, and she's almost good as new.

Which brings me up to the story at hand. Yesterday I went for a ride on the old single speed road bike. Why ride the SS when fitness is less than stellar? Not sure, other than you have an excuse all set to go when you need it. It's a fun bike and I didn't feel like shifting. I rode to do a couple errands, then decided, just for the heck of it, to see how I could do on a climb after 6 weeks spent off the bike. The climb I selected is a touch one: Parkway West here in Harrisburg. The section I did takes 6-7 minutes when I am in shape, not sure of grade or any of that jazz. At the onset, the plan was to do as much as I could, then turn back and head home. To do the whole grade is a tall order on a SS.

So, I start up and after a couple curves in the road, who do I see but a road cyclist, fully decked out, looking real pro. He's headed up the same direction I am. So, of course, this changes things. I pretty much have to make it to the top or lose any claim that I own this climb (which, of course, I do, since it is in my back yard). Passing him was actually pretty easy since the SS dictates your speed. Finishing the climb was super tough, though. I have not dug that deep in a looooong time. I used the whole road, weaving side to side. Finally made it up, out of breath and hurting.

That's that. I'll have to introduce you to the single speed real soon. That's a story in itself.

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