Sunday, November 29, 2009

Linglestown to Mount Gretna Tandem Ride

Well I certainly can't step to Rob's Mexico post (see below), but we did have a sweet ride today. Nancy and I rode the tandem on some back roads from our house in Linglestown (just outside of Harrisburg) and made our way to Mt. Gretna. Gretna is an artsy little village, the site of one of the first MTB races I've ever done. Anyone remember the "Pinch Pond Classic" or "Pinch Pond MTB Race" or something like that? I think that Bill Gentile may have been involved in it's promotion.

Gretna actually has some sweet trails. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. There is one that is pretty new and really rocky / challenging. Super fun.

Anyway, we got to Gretna, rode some rail trail, and back home. About 50 miles. Awesome weather, nice roads. Only hitch was some moron teenage driver who was in a hurry to get home and catch up on Facebook, Vampire novels, or whatever it is that she does. If you are behind a cyclist and want to pass, keep in mind that you should view the bicycle as another vehicle, just like you'd treat a car. Preaching to the choir, I'm sure.


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