Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend wrap up

here are some pics from the gap gallop. coach kuhn showed here trying to beat the calorie deficit. He burned 4000 but consumed 14000. Way to go coach. Yeah we were trying to get out $20 worth. What a fun tour . great weather , ride , and company. After yesterdays 5 hour tour with brandon at michaux , this century definitely finished off the legs. ----------------- And one special shout out is needed for the weekend. Goes to VMB. (valley mountain bikers)( They had a great turn out today for national take a kid mountain biking day, held at jordon park in allentown. I really wanted to go check it out and help but the century took a bit longer than i thought. I heard all the kids had a great time and the day went smoothly. Thank you vmb for helping the future of the sport. But don't let them get to fast. i'm not getting any younger.

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rageagainstthebeans said...

thanks veganrob,

sounds like a great weekend. i wonder if you could take a look at a video of a story of a rider named Charles. he's a mountain biker who overcame a variety of troubles/addictions through riding. it's a finalist in the mutual of omaha, aha moment vote. if enough people vote for him he'll be featured in their 2010 campaign.

we'd like to see mountain biking get that kind of prominent attention particularly with charles story. if you like it please vote. if you really like it tell friends.