Friday, October 16, 2009


Tomorrow is another first in my year of many racing firsts. A canoe tri. I will be doing the Chili Challenge instead of Granogue this year. The Chili Challenge is a 20 mile bike race, followed by a 2.2 mile paddle in a lake and finishes with a 5.2 mile run around the lake. I am equal parts excited and nervous. Due to multiple injuries, I have been limited in my running. Lately my riding is not without a fair amount of pain. The race is part of a cool multi-discipline series called the RiverTowns Races, that hopefully will be supporting the team in ott ten, so I am going to see what all the good buzz around this event is.

With the ongoing and impending weather that we are experiencing, this will definitely be a challenge. With rain and temps in the 30's, much of the race will be won and lost due to staying warm and dry. We have so many clothes packed for the event, it is not even funny. The bike will be crucial to the race, not so much in the actual time, but in being able to be warm and dry. The need to be dry to start a 35 minute paddle in the cold rain can not be overstated. With rain pants and fenders mounted on each bike, we are opting for dry comfort. Take a gander at the rides above. Good stuff, fenders, aero clip-ons, cx tires, road gearing it is all good.
I will fill in the fine points after the race.

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