Friday, October 9, 2009

last horrah for endurance

Ironically, this comes in the form of a cyclocross race appropriately named , Ironcross. It happens this sunday in michaux . Saturday is the ironlight which is a typical length cross race. Sundays event, however, is around 62 miles(i think) and mountain bike are allowed. And no license is needed. I remember trying this race a few years back and really racing for at least 15 minutes until i realized it was way easier to look around at the pretty colors of fall. (Some may call that ADD, i call it season tapering) From that point i kept a steady pace while enjoying a sunday joy ride. That being said, no matter your racing style this may very well be your last chance to enjoy a marked out, catered ride/race of an endurance distance. ------------On the west side this weekend make sure you check out a 24hr battle between brandon, chris e, josh t, earnie, and kelly. It's gonna be a good one. the battle takes place in Moab and can be followed in real time scoring on i will be handing off my grannygear 24hr national points championship title to brandon for this year. (watched this year from the sidelines while taking a stab at the nue) He killed it in the last 2 events and has it wrapped up. Good Job!!!! I like to think i taught him a thing or two about 24s. But it may just be like those soccer dads that wish they were as good as their kids when they were that age. i can still beat him in 24hrs of landscaping.

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