Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sooooo close...

... I can almost taste it
Twiddle your little fingies across the keys and register. If you do not you will miss, in no particular order:
the World's tannest human
The vanity of getting your pic taken
Little buddies family cooking you breakfast, lunch and dinner
This guy in a sleep deprived, semi to fully neurotic state
One of the final MASS appearances of Euro style
Some of the best singletrack fun known to man
Slow races, fast races, kid's races, bands, beer, marshmallow guns
Yours truly, OK that is not really a good reason. Still register now

You can eat watermelon, brownies and burgers any weekend of the summer. This weekend your inner sadist is screamin' to pedal your little bikey-bike down on the farm.
There is more fun to be had than you can possibly shake a stick at. Register now, so you will not be envious of all the cool kids who spent their weekend down on the farm

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