Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time is UP

I signed up for Transrockies eons ago and here it is.....less than 2 weeks away.

I've packed, trained, made lists of lists, made copies of all itineraries, numbers and contact information to easy my parents' minds, rode and strategized with my teammate Tim Dougherty, and finally memorized that 1.0mile = 1.6km.

I feel good. I am satisfied, knowing that I've prepared to the best of my ability and as long as my focus remains present and positive, I will be successful.
I do have many people who have encouraged and supported me through the season thus far.......for that I am forever in debt and know that I will repay your kindness with kindness to someone else along the way.

Thank you:
Cannondale, for your support along the way...without you I'd be bikeless!
Wes, Ry, Hebe, and Yozell--Thanks for your sage advice and role-modeling at Mt. Snow.

My Carrot: Seeing my sister at the final stage.
My Prayer: Lord, may my ups be longer than my downs. Amen


P.S. I'll be posting abridged versions of the stages after I return and settle back into life, so stay tuned.....


Springer said...

Good luck. I am impressed with your determination and physical ability to even take this on. It's very exciting to see you enter this event. I gotta say I envy you and wish I could do what your doing. We will be looking forward to hear your experince. Be safe and good luck

Michelle said...

Thanks for your support and kind words! It's going to be a wonderful experience. Thanks for checking in too!1

Rish80 said...


I understand you are from Jersey Shore area..Any chance of meeting up sometime to ride together? I am from Jersey Shore too.