Monday, June 30, 2008

New Stage Race Doings

Less than a week til that night ITT kicks off and we're working hard to bring together another bang up edition of the Stage Race and Festival weekend...besides all the good stuff you've grown to love we're adding some new twists!

Saturday evening is going to offer up some new fun events -

Trials - with a little help from our friend Topher we're going to put together a fun little trials course for you all. We'll have some easier beginner bits and some more challenging stuff for those of you with a trials rig in your collection. If you've never done it hop in and give'r a try. If you've got the skillz come and show us how its done!

Bike Polo - get your buds and form up a team! The games will be short and fast so you can try the trials too and we'll probably figure out a little impromptu tourney. If you've your own croquet mallet or polo gear bring it!

Hill climb course - we've made some mods and we're unveiling a revamped hill climb course that will give you a bit more dirt time on your way to the top of the ridge. Big Larry's been out there blasting it in for you so we hope you'll enjoy it - as much as one can enjoy a race up a steep PA ridge anyway!

More to come so keep checking back!


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Tom R. said...


We are looking forward to MTB Woodstock this weekend.

My son Alex races as a Beginner Jr. 3. The number of racers in this class has been small at each MASS race so far this year.

If it is light this weekend, would you consider combining with the Sr 1 19-29 class? The Jr. 3's have had comparable times to the middle of the Sr. 1 class and it would be fun and interesting for these guys to "race up."