Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Big Bike Game

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the big Bike Game of the year. Mt. Snow National Championships for the squad.
I have the great fortune to be on a team with three national Champions, two of which are defending national MTB Champs, a National Series champion, a Pro and one of the most respected Endurance racers around. Riding with these guys totally ups my game. Yet with all of the talent that abounds on the team, egos are set aside. We are racers, and more than that, we are friends. I can not wait to go to Mt. Snow this coming week and watch my friends be crowned National Champions again. Who knows, maybe yours truly will find a little magic and ward off the boo-boo belly this year.
Enjoy your riding and best of luck to all MASS racers going to Mt Snow for a shot at the Stars and Stripes.

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