Friday, April 4, 2008

Relay Update

The course is prepped and we'll be running tape on Saturday. Please keep in mind that the course is not open for pre-riding until Sunday morning before the race. I turned about a 19 min lap yesterday so I may shorten it just a hair before the event, but I'm not sure where because we put in a fun new section of trail that I hate for you all to miss!

We're up to 216 riders - about 75 more than last year already and there is still time to pre-reg as that doesn't close up until Sunday AM. Please be sure to pre-reg as you'll save some coin and us some time.

I have one person who has contacted me looking for a team for this weekend so if there are still riders out there who don't have a full team together let me know and I'll put you guys in contact. There is also a thread on the MASS forums that is a good place to look for team members.

A couple notes - you will not be able to leave once the relay gets going as we're using the driveway as part of the course. Please keep this in mind if you have people coming to spectate - have them park out at the end of the drive so they can leave if they are not planning to stay for the whole show.

Dogs - remember, we don't allow them at the farm. We love 'em and you likely will see ours there. Its not about the dogs really. Its about avoiding the potential - even if unlikely - issues that come from dogs being there. We know this frustrates many of you because you love your dogs and want to bring them. Please leave them at home for the relay.

The weather is going to be fantastic and the racing is going to be sweet!

We'll see you soon!
Kuhn and the Gang (aka. MTB Team and our familial units)

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