Sunday, March 30, 2008

Answers to your deepest and most troubling questions (about the US Open Relay)

A couple q's have come my way in the past few days that are worth passing along.

1. Is the farm open for pre-riding? No. The farm is private property and is not open for pre-riding for the Team Relay. Please respect this rule. Anyone caught pre-riding the course will be barred from future competitions at the farm. The boys and girls on the Mountainside racing team will be organizing some rides at the farm this spring and summer with all the appropriate insurances and what-not so catch up with Mike Laub or Andy Hoover or one of the other team members for more info. These Mountainside led rides will be the only opportunity to ride on this course outside of races. Also, please be sure to thank these folks for all their help in getting the farm ready for the relay - they've basically done all the trail clean up and prep and saved me a ton a travel time and work. Thanks Mountainside!

2. Can we park next to our pit? Maybe. This is going to depend on weather and ground conditions, but obviously your cool pits are going to be far easier to set up if you can get your vehicle in close. What I will plan for is that teams may bring ONE vehicle in to their pit - so, if you show up in two vehicles put all the stuff in one to bring it to your pit. Easy enough.

3. Hows come there are different prices on and bikereg/highspeedcycling? I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. I think Bill was helping me out by putting more info up about the relay on his site and grabbed some 2007 info off my site to enhance my posting on his. I tried to fix this and can't actually change the text on mbcx so I've asked for his help in doing so. The correct prices, much to the chagrin of my anonymous friends, are on

4. Will there be a kid's race? I wasn't planning one, but can add it if people want me to. Todd is putting up a survey on the board at the series site so chime in there if you want to bring your kids and watch them race around a bit.

More later. Thanks for tuning in.

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