Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What A Weekend! The promoter of the visitPA.com US Open Team Relay chimes in

First, thanks for coming. We set a record at the visitPA.com US Open Relay and almost doubled last year's attendance! We were not expecting quite such a turnout and we're very psyched that you all seem as into this format as we are. This is what I've been going for in a relay for years. The results were very much along the lines of what we were hoping to see with regard to the mix of squads in the top 5. Where last year was a little too heavily weighted toward the elite teams, this year everyone was in the mix with 10+ teams within two to four points (1 equivalent lap) of the winners. The win was in question right to the end and while one of the four man elite teams did win it wasn't by much and they were pushed hard to do it.

Second, hope you liked it. I have to thank Kim for having a birthday and bringing her brother and his band, The New Kings of Rhythm along as they certainly helped to turn that fun factor up to 11 and added a super sweet touch to the event. That was all her doing and I take none of the credit for it. Although, I guess if I wasn't holding the event then The New Kings of Rhythm wouldn't have had a bike race at which to play. So, then it was actually all me. I suppose I will take credit for that too. Anything bad was likely Kris's fault so you can take that up with her. Or more likely its the complete opposite of what I just said.

Third, sorry 'bout the reg lines, but we're all over that for next time.

Fourth, results are coming - you know me, or if this was your first experience, or if you don't, I sometimes like to complicate things. The scoring on this race is one of those things that I've complicated. I'll have those results up very soon along with some extra stuff like every single lap time and a ranking of the all the lap times so you can see how you stack up. I figure this will save all of you scrolling back and forth for hours trying to compare how you did vs. your buddies and your competition - we'll have it for you all in one place. Be patient, its coming as soon as we figure out what actually happened with the points and stuff and who actually won. Yes, I just gave it to one of the visitPA.com teams since I run the race and co-produce the squad with big Ray. Your suspicions are confirmed. I'd have given it to my relay team mostly for being stuck with me for the day, but who would have believed that one?

I'm already working on next year and introducing a few new tricks. I'm thinking the '09 theme will be along the lines of "Everybody Runs!" Tell your friends and bring 'em in from all over. We don't think there is a better way to start the season and we hope you're starting to come around to our way of thinking.

Thanks for coming to our visitPA.com MTB Team/High Speed Cycling production and thanks again to our sponsors - visitPA.com - the place to go for all your visitin' PA needs, Cannondale, Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers, Suunto, Northwave, Ergon, Deuter, SRAM, Rudy Project, Psycho Lube, and Lupine. Without their support the team could not do what we do. If you happen to like what we do don't be afraid to show these great sponsors some love.

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