Monday, April 7, 2008

Patience please

I can't wait patiently, that much I am aware of. The need to be perpetually prepared has always kept me on the go.....and up too late for too many nights! See, the first race of the NUE Series, the Cohutta 100, in Tennessee is fast approaching. I've been thinking about this race since January, and here it is...and there I was 1 week ago without a bike....

WAS, thanks to some quick action by the guys at The Bicycle Shop, in State College for the connection to Troy Laffey at Cannondale, who pit-stopped in my hometown mid-route on his mega-transect across the nation for upcoming national events.

Speedy Delivery....24hrs later, a silver beacon arrives and a Cannondale bike is in my hands!!!
See this truly is amazing to me. I'm an average rider in the grand scheme of this racing scene, so the fact that I got upfront service says (to me) nothing about my abilities, but in fact, highlights Cannondale's priority to take care of their racers...and for that, they have my highest regards.
I raced the Cannondale Rush at Kuhndog's Kick-off M.A.S.S. Team Relay Event this past weekend in Marysville, PA. In a few words, that bike is light, quick and responsive to the tight track and logs, it climbs like a champ and descends with ease. Those Juicy Ultimate brakes are sooo smooth......
Not only do I have the nicest and prettiest bike that I've ever owned in my possession, but also have a peace of mind knowing that I'm riding on a solid bike made by a quality PA company..........and with that I will rest easy for a long time. THANKS Troy and Cannondale!!

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Chili said...

And thank YOU guys (and girls!) for going with the PA bike company!