Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super D at Blue Mt

Yesterday while the rest of our team and the Mikes were probably playing follow the leader through smooth lush turf grass and jumping through sand boxes on their tippy toes,(although fun, i'll never understand cyclocross) i decided to thrown my hat into the ring of downhill. It was the last race of Blue mt vertical earth series in palmerton, pa. The specific discipline was super D which is a more gradual race course with an occasional flat spot or even small climb in the course. I like to go into these things with a pre excuse why i didn't win so i road to the race and decided to race my cannondale f29 instead of the perp which was down at the time and was built specifically for events like this.
I left the house at 8 and started my bike commute. By 915 i arrived and was well warmed up so i got in two high speed practice runs. At 11 we met up top and waited for our one minute interval start. I was waiting a bit back and heard somebody in a sarcastic tone" i cant believe somebody is racing with a lefty down this thing." Of course that somebody was me and that somebody also beat him by two minutes. Two minutes in a downhill course is like and hour in XC. My run was totally smooth thanks to big wheels and a big gear, except in the last 300yrds my chain got real stuck and i had to coast to the finish. I think i made up 30sec on the slight "climb" in the beginning compared to the big suspension bikes. I ended up 4th , 2seconds off of third with a time of 6:47. I was stoked when i looked at the timing board where most of the times were in the 7's and 8's.
I got to watch dual slalom event which is a blast. Got to see JaydeJesus , who taught me a thing or two about bike handling, have a really smooth run. You really need big ones for that event.
A good buddy of mine showed up and we did downhill runs till 5. Oh what fun. Despite my calves getting a workout from the hardtail , that bike was real fun on that mountain. I think Blue is open for free riding for a few more weekend. Go check it out.
It was either that i was bonking , or the rain that started, or my scenic route home that got me back at 7:00 and starving.
I was hoping for a podium pic but this will have to do. Good friend of mine , Chris Tollota(who may be possibly the smoothest rider ever), Dakota, and i after my run. I think i had fun. I'm smiling.

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