Friday, September 25, 2009

The not so GREEN cross schedule

Since Robbie is way tougher than I, he may feel free to race GREEN this year. I on the other hand will continue to help Big Oil and drive to the MAC and PA series events.
That being said this past weekend opened up the MAC series at Nittany Croos in T-town. Mr. Yozell and I picked up where we left off last year at PA states. The cross juggernaut was off on full swing dominating the front of the Elite Masters race. Immediately we make the group of five and proceed to drive the group. With Mike Y. riding extremely well it was a matter of us driving the pace and getting Mike to the front at the end.
With some strong team riding and incredible technical skills Mike Y was able to win the first event of the season by outsprinting our breakaway group of five. I came in a decent 4th. It had to be a cool sight to see "The Mikes" driving the front of the race.
More to come on day 2 of the MAC opening weekend. A little hint, a certain Mike who won on Saturday, may very well have won AGAIN on Sunday.
Thanks to our great sponsors. The new Northwave shoes were awesome, stiff, yet easy to run in. Tha Cannondale CAAD9 cross bikes are extremely stiff, and ride so smoothly. Without the support of all of our sponsors, especially, we would not be able to do what we love.
Thank you.
Mike H

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