Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the green calender

So every year about this time i get sick of driving. Hundreds of miles for work every week followed by hours in the car for races on the weekend. Well, not this fall. I have come up with the brilliant idea to plan my cross season with races close(well maybe) to my crib. i figure if i publicly post it, i'll be more inclined to stick to it. So here it is, the tentative calender.

9/26 Super D at blue mtn (palmerton, pa) ok, not cross , but crazy fun
10/11 Ironcross - i think i'll drive to this one
10/18 Wiss cross (philly area) bout 70 miles each way
10/25 Mahwah cross (northern jersey) this one will hurt, 80 miles each way
11/8 spring mount cross 35 miles each way
11/14 west windsor , nj cross (56 miles each way)
12/5 p-burg cross (a pleasant 10 miles away)

disclaimer: to the young impressionable readers. Doing something silly like this will not help you get stronger. it may in fact burn you out. i just don't know any better. stay tuned for some good bonking stories!!!

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