Friday, July 3, 2009

Marysville/rb winter tri

The 12 hour team relay (9hr solo) at the farm was a blast! Thanks to all who made it possible. From Mike's generous in-laws to Bill at gretna bikes for the light demos to all who even rolled up one strand of tape. It all helps the event . To those who missed it , to bad for you. my wife thought it was the best vibe she ever felt at a race. Very fun. In the end for the visitpa team , nancy rocked 3rd in the women solo, while ray and i took the top spot for duo , and wes and yozell got second. Coach Kuhn rocked a duo team also with Chris(From Deuter). They did awesome too with coach doing back to back laps while probably running on zero sleep. For those who stayed up long enough there was an educational q+a at rays camp site which was focused in slogans for your day to day life. Very inspiring. I even learned a thing or too. And oh yeah , the night time trial and short track went off without a hitch too. See you next year !!

While most of the team was racing at the farm , hebe was resting up on the mic for sundays exterra at rb winter. He did a top ten swim overall (yeas my wife beat him) , then crushed it on the bike which gave him a two minute lead overall. IN the end he got passed in the very technical run and lost the overall by only 10 seconds. WOW. He still won his age group by , i'm sure , a significant amount. Way to kill it hebe!!!

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