Thursday, June 18, 2009

mohican 100

A few weeks back was the 2nd stop on the NUE series, Mohican 100. After a 8th place finish at the cohutta 100 i was excited to take another dab at these point to point off road centuries. First off , if you even give a 100 a thought for a second , you should go for it. The sense of accomplishment is awesome and the amount of food is amazing. i actually was fatter when i got home from both of these events.
After an interesting drive to Ohio with Brandon, which included a stop at the taco bell managers house instead of a store(gps fault), we arrived shortly after midnight. A four hour nights sleep is always what you want before a 100. The start was at seven a.m. which was super high paced much like a regular XC race. The next 7hrs and 15 min were spent with some of my idols. I got to ride a good chunk of the race with Chris E, which is always cool. His riding style at these races is so smart i cant help to try to stay with him. Climb at a calm but brisk pace, then catch the groups on the downhills with amazing cornering speed and skill all while recovering. Also did quite a bit with Harlen Price which at the end was nice enough of letting me get the extra points since i'm chasing the series and not him. Although we tried like heck to catch the lead 6 riders the entire time it never happened. I was more than happy with another top 10 as the competition at these is some of the top talent in the country. Still not sure what i was doing there but was tickled pink(try to use this saying daily, it's fun) to be there. Next up is relay at Marysville then wilderness 101. PA's premier 101 mile backcountry race.

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