Monday, July 6, 2009

The disease is spreading

Thinking back to the last decade i like to think of some peoples lives i have helped change for the better from quitting certain bad habits, to help learning to ride, to even losing weight to get a better quality of health. I'm not bragging here(maybe a little), just a preface to my story.
Yesterday i raced a h2h race in Jersey on the way home from the beach. Always exciting to race somewhere new which has been a theme this season. So i'm warming up and a familiar face approaches me and makes some small talk. I usually rely on Matt Miller or Motormouth Matt to fill me in on names since i have a horrible memory but i was on my own. They were nowhere in sight. Turns out it was last years 24 hours of Allamuchy solo winner Emrah Ayhan. Last year my wife, Sarah , and i raced on a tandem Cannondale Mountain bike at the same race. Point of the story is he thought the tandem thing was so cool that this year he will be entering the tandem division with his son who looks only 12 or so. How cool is that??? Makes me wonder where i'd be now in racing if my father had me riding at 12 instead of breathing second hand smoke at the Beef House . Maybe Sarah and i will see you out there. Way to be a cool father and good luck to you and your son!!!!

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Emrah Ayhan said...

hey, Rob...It was awesome seeing your race in H2H and kicking some butt.
It was so cool seeing you race on tandem with your wife. That's why I am doing it with my son this year. You are great rider bro.