Friday, May 22, 2009

Camping with and Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers

I'm leading a little mountain bike training camp coming up in about a month and since most of you who visit this blog likely do a little mountain biking I thought you might be interested. Here's a blurb from the Mid-Atlantic Super Series page about the camp and a link to our flyer.

"The Mid-Atlantic Super Series is proud to announce as part of our sponsorship with Cadence Multisport The Cadence Endurance MTB Racing Camp. This camp will be lead by Mike Kuhn, the Director of Coaching at Cadence and major MASS race and event promoter. As a veteran road and mountain bike racer including the Ultra Endurance 100 milers Mike is an expert in the correct preparation for endurance events of any type. As a special offer the price of the camp includes your entrance fee into either the Wilderness 101 or the Shenendoah 100. Only 20 spots available so reserve now."

To recap, that's three days of stellar riding, training, and instruction on how to race long distance events and entry into either race for $450. Sweet.

The camp runs the three days following the Stoopid 50. So you can choose to do Stoopid or not and increase the difficulty of the camp by doing so. That's the point of camps though. Camps are supposed to be hard. The idea is that you go into it with a little rest and then spend a few days really pushing yourself. You push yourself much more than you would regularly because the only things you need to do are ride, eat, sleep, and recover --- and have fun! It's like being a pro for a few days - only you don't have the pressure of knowing that if you don't win your next race its ramen instead of steak again this week! Then you rest coming out the other side of the camp and - voila! - you're stronger and faster and smarter and better looking than you were before. Well, maybe not necessarily the last one, but the other three I can guarantee.

The plan for camp is basically as follows. On Monday mid-day we'll meet in Coburn, the start of the Wilderness 101, and do an easier ride on dirt roads to check out the early parts and late parts of the race - these are key in figuring out how to ride this event. Tue and Wed will see us start the rides in other locations in the Rothrock State Forest that will allow us to access different parts of the 101 and over the three days ride almost all, if not completely all, of the 101 course. It will be stellar training and a course preview all in one!

I promise that you are going to come out of the camp far better prepared and far more confident in your ability in endurance mtb events and you'll be ready for your best ever race!

Catch up with me through work - Cadence Cycling and Multisport - 215-508-4300 - if you have any questions or to sign up for this great new camp!

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