Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rockin' It

Okay so we're about a week out from a race that I'm constantly babbling about how awesome it is and how the riding out of RB Winter State Park is some of the best in the state. If you like mountain biking you ought to come out. You don't even need to race the marathon since obviously that isn't everyone's cup of tea. Come out and do the 20 mile XC so you can check out the riding up there and get in the race effort if you're into that sort of thing. If you just want to come out and ride some trails and check out the place a bit then do that - its the only day of the year they'll be marked and there will be people out and about that can help you get around the forest. Now, if you're out there just riding keep in mind that the aid stations are for racers and make sure you take enough to get yourself around, but its a great opportunity to find out what RB Winter and Bald Eagle offer mountain bikers! You will not be disappointed by what you find.

The latest race info is on BikeReg as updating is not going so well right now - but you can link right to the exact spot on BikeReg through my site - just click through the Rocktober logo!

Get rockin,

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Anonymous said...

I will see you there next weekend.