Monday, June 9, 2008

17 Years Gone By........

Did you ever wake up and realize that almost half of your life has gone by? Well, riding my bike down a steep mountain road, it hit me square in the face….literally. I was hit by a Magiciada cassini (17 Year Locust) and it darn near knocked me off my bike. Stopping me dead in tracks, I wiped off the goo and realized it’d been 17 years since I’d seen those bugs.

Time stopped and I found myself in the woods with my sister and brother shooting these locusts out of trees with our Red Ryder BB guns. School was out, life was good…….working, swimming, playing softball, ….living every moment, doing what kids do.

Still, 17 years of my life have gone by, and it took a beady red-eyed bug to remind me that no matter what happens, I'm happiest when I live and enjoy the moment, because that's all I can be sure of.


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