Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rob's takes a Third and gets First podium in 2008!

Rob takes his first podium as a team member -- how sweet is it that we now have this guy on our team?!?! It all came together in a last minute trip to Florida for the 12 Hours of Santos where he took the first podium spot of the year for the team.

Rob has made the trip to Florida a pilgrimage for a few seasons as he's raced and won the season opening 12 Hours of Razorback in years past. With the unfortunate demise of the Razorback park last year 12 Hours of Santos has risen up as the new early season Florida place to be seen.

Rob was certainly seen with what he calls his best Lemans start ever! When first checking out the sinuous course Rob made the decision to run like the wind at the start so as to not get caught behind the slower riders on the tight trails. Like the mouse pursued by the crazed broom wielding housewife, Rob made for his bike like his life depended on it. First to his bike in the mob scene start was a new experience, the flat tire waiting for him was, however, an old acquaintance.

After a bike swap Rob headed out at in very dead last tail end caboose lantern rouge position and had to make his way through the horde. With some stellar riding and patience born from years of ultra endurance racing, Rob made his way back into the top of the field around the half way point of the race and then proceeded to slowly swallow a few last riders before just plain old running out of time to catch the final competitors.

Since this was a training race weekend for him, Rob took the opportunity to check out his race bikes for the season and spent some laps on his Cannondale 29er and a few others on his Rush. He's still torn between the two and will likely choose one for some events and use the other when it is warranted --- it sure is nice to have a few of these at your disposal!

Look for Rob and the rest of the team in action at various training races during the next month and kicking off the 2008 MASS season at the US Open Team Relay on April 5 where they look to defend their 2007 title and keep hold of the Championship Trophy!

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