Monday, January 14, 2008

The New Year Update

Welcome to the Party!

Some good stuff is coming together here at Chez Kuhn and the home of the Team.

We told you about Cannondale a little while back and it looks like we'll be taking delivery of these beauties in the near future. You'll see the VPA boys and girls on a range of the bikes and we'll be sporting them on the trail - like the 29er 1 Caffeine and Rush Team - road - the super duper SuperSix Ultimate is the one we're drooling over - and in some 'cross racing this fall -

Yep, that's right, we're expanding a bit and will field a full 'cross team on the PA, Mid-Atlantic, and national circuits in 2008.
We're pretty excited to take this team in a new direction and spread the VPA vibe to the road and 'cross scenes this season. A few of the boys may even make an appearance on that concrete bowl in T-town. Ry is threatening anyway.

We also welcomed a few other new faces to the 2008 party and are very stoked to have these guys on board.

Ergon is providing us support at the bars by coming on board with their sweet grips, like those pictured here. The deal is that they provide more support to your hand and take some pressure off the ulnar nerve. I'm so loving these for the 100s I'll be dragging my butt through. Rob's been using these for a year or so and has found them to be the best choice for his 24 hour solo assaults. Of course, 24 hours of anything will kick your butt, but the Ergon's offer the best support for the long (or short!) haul. Check out that sweet neon color too! I've been waiting a long time to break out my old purple and yellow winter training jacket again.

Lots of color options from our new eyewear provider too as Rudy Project is stepping up with not only their superlative sport shades and casual sunglasses but with helmets too. My biggest problem is that I'm not really cool enough for most of these glasses so its good we have style mavens like Wes, Leech, and Hebe on the squad.

At the other end of things, Northwave is our foot covering device provider and you'll see us sporting these beauts, custom matched to PA's gold state symbol of the keystone just for the Team! Not really, but its more sweet style points for us in these Raptor Carbons (there is a way better pic on the website so go there to check it out). We're hoping to sport some sweet podium togs from these guys for shots from the top step. Also on board are Dueter with some hydration packs to keep us topped off in the marathons and XCs and the guys over at Psycho Lube who will be keeping us running smoothly with their two step clean and lube system. We have a few more irons in the fire and we will hopefully have a few more partners to introduce soon. Thanks for visiting the Team blog!

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cyclocrosser said...

Yo fast dudes, what do you think about the frame geometry for the cannondale 29ers? I ride this red flamer of a 29er and I don't have very good mud clearance in the back. There are ways around it but I don't think I should have to worry about switching my set-up if there is a different option out there for me. I just switched to the 29er and fell in love with it, but I want to change this before race season. I used to be pretty fast back in the day and I'm ready to be again. Any advice?