Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Events coming your way

I know, the website needs some TLC. You know me, it'll be there. Probably about a week before the race.

Here's a quicky for you:

Team Relay (the first one, in April) - April 4, Saturday - name is changing, idea is not. 4 person teams only. Each team gets a handicap based on riders. We race for four hours. Laps take the fast guys about 20 min. Most everyone else takes longer. Unless they cheat. Someone smarter than me tabulates the results. Someone goes home with the team cup. Its fun. Invite your far away friends. You'll like it.

Rocktober - in May. I know, it doesn't make sense. May 16th. , Saturday - A long ass hard ass course last year, a little shorter this year. On paper anyway. Some fast guys who go top 10 in 7ish hours in NUE 100 milers took 7 hours to do the 75 in this one last year. Buck up and get tough. Probably do something shorter for yinzers who want it, but think low key categories for the XC. This one is all about the Marathon.

Festival and Race Weekend - June 26-28, Friday-Sunday - The MASS Par-Tay. Its on the Dirt Rag World Tour this year thanks to my friends at MASS. New dates and new racing. Short and sweet - 12 Hour Uno, Dos, and Tres Teams on Sat. Looking to get a noise variance for all y'all. If so 10-10, if not then earlier. Maybe a beginner/corporate 4-6er too. Nighttime Team Time Trial on Friday - start positions on the line. Sunday STXC with Z and Me on the mic. All the fun stuff you know and love - or don't know and love but will soon - downhill dual slalom tricycles, slow DH, bands, camping, beverages and whatever else we cook up. Working on the expo. Get your teams together. ***ITS A WEEK EARLIER THIS YEAR SO PLAN FOR IT***

Rattling 50 - its back August 22, Saturday. Its a marathon. Its about 50 miles. Its a sweet sweet course. Rattling Creek Trails. Maybe XC distance going on too, but is MASS Marathon only.

We're into it now so more soon,

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Michael said...

Wait - I thought Rocktober was 175 miles this year? It was supposed to be harder than last year, remember??