Monday, May 12, 2008

Roadside America

Back in April, when 'milla and I were driving down route 78 on the way to the US Open MTB Relay (OH YEAH!), we decided to stop off at the Shartlesville exit (#23). I've driven past this little place called Roadside America dozens of times, every time wondering what the heck it is. One can tell from the old skating rink architecture and antiquated signage that whatever this place is, its gonna be something unique if not interesting. Roadside America was indeed both of these!

The place claims to be the 'greatest known miniature village' in existence, and I wouldn't doubt that claim. Upon entering the building and handing over a small entrance fee, you feel a sense that possibly, maybe, probably definitely you are entering a time machine-one that goes back in time. Inside is a giant model-trainesque scene of rural and small town America spanning time from several hundred years ago to the 1970's (or, modern times if you believe what they say).

It is a completely fascinating look at neat model building, geography, history, trains, bridges, cabins, towns, airplanes, wagons, cars, and industry. Once you've spent a half hour or so there, the lights go down, the music comes on and you experience the indoor village slowly
going to sleep and waking up. I won't go into too much detail, but this is a nice little stop that worth taking, its kitschy and neat, and you can tell all of your friends you've seen the worlds greatest indoor village. Right here in Pennsylvania! And my team won the US Open MTB Relay the next day!

Thanks for reading, Ryan

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