Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight at Marsh Creek State Park

Late last night, Lowe Riders and Trestle Bridge Racing put on the Midnight at the Marsh night XC race. The concept was good... Night racing=FUN. XC racing (for the most part)=FUN. The real test would be the actual event. I admit I was a bit skeptical about this and figured it would be a 50/50 event. It could go either way...good or bad. I can say the LoweRiders did a bang up job for a first time event.

Vegan Rob and I showed up for the team. After kitting up we rolled out to preride the lap. 5 miles long with a great mix of tight twisty sections and technical uphills combined with great downhills and recovery sections, the course was perfect for a night race. At 11pm, the race got off to a quick start and about halfway through the 4 mile prologue loop, Rob and I went to the front and never looked back. After trying to stay on Rob's wheel for a little too long, I dropped off the pace and rode by myself. With both the Elite/Expert and Sport racers on the course at the same time, you had to stay on the gas and hope that the person behind you wasn't in your category. Rob took the victory and I took 2nd about a minute behind.

After the race, the comments I overheard were all positive from racers about the course and event. Kudos to the promoters for a great event and thanks to the Marsh Creek State Park for allowing this event to happen.

No rest for the victor, Rob took off at 2am to drive 3 hrs to Michaux for the Curse of Dark Hollow today where he took 5th. Sick

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