Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fair Hill

Raced the Fair Hill XC race today. Pretty solid field in the Elites with me, Brandon Draguelis, Chris Beck, the twins, Martin Kell, Kyle Hammaker, and John Gwadcik. 27 miles of dusty, rooty and fast singletrack in the Fair Hill Resource Area.

After establishing the lead group, I proceeded to fall off the pace about 6 miles into the race. With the tight and twisty nature of the course it was easy to lose sight of the others and that was the end of the day for me. I rode my own pace and managed to pick off Martin who was having trouble with all the turns and John G. who was having shoe issues. After riding the majority of the course by myself I managed to crash and let John pass me back for the 5th spot.

Congrats to the Delaware Trail Spinners for promoting a great race with a fantastic venue.

Thanks to all the team sponsors as well:
Rudy Project

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