Monday, May 4, 2009

Escape from the Mud at Granogue--MASS #2

This pretty much sums up the day of racing at Granogue yesterday. EPIC conditions. Despite curses toward the promoter, FatMarc V, a fun time was had by many.

A great way to break in your fancy new bike. Shameless but honest plug, the Cannondale Caffine 29er held up fantastic considering the conditions. I did try and clean out the drive train every lap, but no mechanicals or other issues. The top three elites all were on Cannondales....just sayin'.

Thanks to Dennis Smith for the photos.

Some post race video courtesy of Colt.

Elite Mens Podium:
1. Wes Schempf 2:37
2. Brandon Draugelis Cannondale Factory Team 2:40
3. Rob Lichtenwalner 2:41

more results at

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